Cracked: 15 Things to Know About Gas, Money and Power

By Eric Roston and Tom Randall - 2014-02-21T13:10:53Z

Photograph by SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg

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Gas Is Influence

As U.S. stores of oil and gas have increased, so too has American leverage in geopolitics. The shale oil boom has enabled the U.S. to enjoy a drop in prices even as it imposed tough economic sanctions on a major producer, Iran. 

“Right now, Iran needs to sell its oil far more than the rest of the world needs to buy it,” Trevor Houser, a partner at the Rhodium Group LLC, a New York-based economic research firm, told Bloomberg News in November.

As America moves toward energy independence, the gas boom could lead to more engagement with the rest of the world and more influence on countries dependent on U.S. gas bounty.