Terrifying Roads for Adventurous Drivers

By Marisa Lascala - 2014-01-24T18:57:01Z

Photograph by Marc Scheuern/Alamy

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Tail of the Dragon

Tennessee/North Carolina

Risk Factor: Talk about curves. The 11-mile stretch of US 129 at Deals Gap, starting at the North Carolina/Tennessee border, is said to have 318 curves. That exact number is probably just a legend, but it's a darned twisty road. The curves themselves have their own nicknames, and, with monikers like Pearly Gates, Brake or Bust Bend, and Gravity Cavity, you can tell these twists are dead serious.

Why you might be tempted to drive it anyway: Want to test your performance driving skills? The number of curves in the scenic highway makes it a popular stretch for motorcycle and sports car enthusiasts looking to flaunt the 30 mph speed limit. (Even if you don't want to take the wheel, the people watching is pretty great).

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