Before They Pass Away: A Photographer Races After Vanishing Tribes

By Jane Hwang - 2014-01-07T15:48:54Z

Photograph by Jimmy Nelson BV courtesy teNeues

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The Vanuatu of the Republic of Vanuatu

"The Republic of Vanuatu is an archipelago of 83 islands on the the Ring of Fire, one of the most volatile fault lines in the world, in the southwest Pacific Ocean. ... This was an extraordinary journey. We rented our own aircraft and spent a month flying around the archipelago, landing on beaches. This story is about letting go." -- Before They Pass Away

"The Republic of Vanuatu, due to its smallness and island vulnerabilities, is particularly susceptible to the impacts of climate change. ... we have again been ranked as the most vulnerable country in the world to both geological and climate risks. It is clear that despite all of our adaptation efforts, the climate-related loss and damage we are already experiencing far outstrips our capacity for recovery." -- Albert Abel Williams, director of the Department of Environmental Protection and Conservation, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Warsaw, Poland 

Left: Ni Vanuatu Men on Rah Lava Island, Torba Province, September 2011