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By Tom Randall - 2013-12-16T19:41:38Z

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Simple Online Bank

Favorited by: Jon Wiley
Lead designer for Google Search 

Paying the bills and balancing the checkbook used to be chores that took place around the kitchen table; now, they practically takes care of themselves.

Simple is an online bank that automagically tracks your spending habits, helps you plan and stick to a budget and lets you cash checks by snapping a photo with your phone. You can set goals -- like saving for a $40,000 Linn LP12 turntable -- and set money aside to meet them. “The service lives up to the name,” Wiley says.

Signing up for a free Simple account is by invitation only. Wiley says he has a few left to share; I can’t give you his contact info, but you can probably find it on his website