Sit. Stay. Tweet. 7 Ways to Hook Your Dog Up to the Web

By Mark Milian - 2013-12-03T18:21:18Z

Courtesy Petcube

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Online Gaming With Your Pet

While the latest Xbox and PlayStation weren't designed with your pooch in mind, there's at least one online game your furry pal can sink his paws into. Petcube is a 4-by-4-inch gizmo that can shoot a laser pointer around the room and provide endless entertainment for simpler-minded creatures. It's made out of aluminum and glass, giving it that alarm-clock-from-the-future look.

Owners can control the direction of the laser using a mobile app, which makes it an interactive experience. The app taps into the device's built-in camera to show a live video feed of the pet interacting with the cube and also allows the user to snap pictures. Petcube has a microphone and speaker to exchange trash talk (or barks). The project raised a quarter-million dollars earlier this month on Kickstarter. Petcube costs $149 and is expected to start shipping next May.

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