Irresistible Summer Seafood Specialties

By Jordana Rothman - 2013-08-23T16:32:53Z

Photograph Courtesy of Fun & Fearless in Beantown

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Fried Native Clams at Clam Box

Ipswich, Massachusetts

There’s a good reason why quality clams are as synonymous with Ipswich as sourdough is with San Francisco. Ipswich’s muddy, mineral-rich flats—from which the bivalves are harvested—are said to give them a full, earthy flavor not found in other regions. You’ll want to ask for big-bellied specimens to best experience that singular Ipswich tang, and you’ll find them at the iconic Clam Box, a New England staple since the 1930s. As is typical at most of the area’s seafood shacks, the native clams here are soaked in evaporated milk, dredged in flour, and plunged into the deep fryer until they develop a craggy, golden crust.

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