$100,000 Mercedes-Benz Sedan Drives Itself

By Jason H. Harper - 2013-07-22T15:32:13Z

Photograph by Mercedes-Benz USA via Bloomberg

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While the sedan takes a stutter step toward autonomous driving, neither legislation nor the technology is at the point where an owner can crawl into the back seat and let the car whisk you to work. But Mercedes is telling us the day is coming.

There are loads of other advances and gadgets you can load on to this classic big black luxury sedan aimed at power brokers, CEOs and diplomats.

Some options are silly. You expect luxury and comfort in terms of leather, wood and superb temperature control (yes on all counts). But do you need the $350 package which places a perfume container in the glove box, atomizing the liquid at random intervals and wafting in Mercedes’s scents like Sport, Nightlife and Downtown?

Perhaps they should call it the “covering up an illicit affair” package, masking mysterious colognes or perfumes on one’s collar.

The seats include a massaging feature that is supposed to replicate a hot-stone treatment. Sounds odd, but it feels very, very good.