Lamborghini Diablo Zooms to 202 MPH Exotic Dream

By Jason H. Harper - 2013-07-11T13:45:56Z

Photograph by Jin Lee/Bloomberg

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My 9-to-5 gig is reviewing cars, so the adult half of me will simply be doing my job. But the other, still-teenage side will be dancing around in high-top Keds sneakers, whipping around his mullet and marveling at his luck. Dude, this is gonna rock harder than C+C Music Factory.

It’s clear this will be an unusual experience. While the leather bucket seats recline rakishly, the angle can’t be adjusted. The left wheel-well intrudes into the cabin, so the driver sits off center with legs twisted to the right. There’s little room to manipulate the pedals, and the steering wheel sits so low on my thighs that I’m pinioned.

This car could make a chiropractor a lot of money.