Highest & Cheapest Gas Prices by Country

By Tom Randall - 2012-08-13T22:00:03Z

Photograph by SIME/eStock Photo

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Price per gallon of premium gasoline: $9.41
Price change since last quarter: N/A*
Most-expensive-gas rank: #2
Pain-at-the-pump rank: #7
<p>Turkey is a fast-growing economy and the largest in Eastern Europe, but the high price of gas takes a bite out of family budgets. The average daily income for Turks is $30, and it takes 32 percent of an average day's wages to buy a gallon of gas.</p><p>The country has one of the world's highest gas taxes, which accounts for more than half of the cost to fuel up. Tax collection has long been a struggle for the government. They make up for it now through consumption taxes, like the fuel tax, which are relatively easy to enforce.</p><p>About 40 percent of the country's workers are part of an informal economy that pays no taxes. Only about 4 percent of the total population pays personal income tax.</p><p>*Turkey wasn't included in last quarter's price ranking.

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