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By Tom Randall - 2013-12-16T19:41:38Z

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BioLite HomeStove

Favorited by Satyendra Pakhalé
Satyendra Pakhalé Design Studio

Almost half the human population still cooks or heats their homes with smoky open fires. The emissions cause millions of premature deaths each year and contribute to global warming. 

The BioLite HomeStove cuts fuel use in half and reduces emissions 95 percent. As a bonus, wasted heat is converted into electricity to charge cell phones and power LED lights. BioLite plans to distribute a million HomeStoves in low-income countries in the next five years. A compact camping version is available for $130. 

It’s a refreshing “combination of analogue and digital,” says Pakhalé. It “solves two acute problems in a simple way: reduction of smoke emissions and accessibility to electricity.”