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By The Editors - 2013-12-24T19:48:39Z

Photograph by Tom Schierlitz/Bloomberg Pursuits 

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A Meal That Leaves You Breathless

In order to find his favorite meal, Bloomberg food critic Ryan Sutton had to travel nearly four thousand miles over 30 hours and endure altitude sickness once he landed in Bolivia at an elevation of 13,323 feet. La Paz's Gustu, the new restaurant owned by co-founder of the world’s top ranked restaurant, Noma, exposed Sutton to a raft of dishes—six courses—that even a man who gets paid to eat hasn’t experienced. Let Sutton describe those dishes and his love for llama himself. But the difficulties he faced in getting to La Paz and being there should stand as a ringing endorsement, considering he’d do it all over again. Sutton traveled from New York to Lima, to Santa Cruz, where flight attendants sprayed the plane with insecticide, and then onto La Paz. After arriving, altitude didn’t do wonders for his motor skills. “In the first 48 hours I was in Bolivia," he says, "I banged my head six times. They should’ve given me a helmet.”