Top 20 Cities with Billions at Risk from Climate Change

By Eric Roston - 2012-07-06T03:32:54Z

Photograph by Steve Raymer/National Geographic Stock

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#4 Kolkata, India

<strong>2005 assets at risk:</strong> $32.0 billion
<strong>2070 est. assets at risk:</strong> $2.0 trillion
<strong>2005 population at risk:</strong> 1.9 million
<strong>2070 est. population at risk: </strong>14.0 million

Kolkata, which has the third-biggest gross domestic product among Indian cities, is situated near Sunderbans, the world's largest delta, and is susceptible to flooding every year during the June-September rainy season. The 140-year-old drainage system in the former capital of British India is among the oldest in the country and covers less than 50 percent of the city.

The Asian Development Bank is helping to finance a $400 million project to upgrade Kolkata's drains and sewers, clean out its canals and relocate squatters living on their banks. The five-year project, originally scheduled to be finished by 2007, is finally nearing completion.

In July 2007, Kolkata was inundated after getting 410 millimeters of rain, about a quarter of its annual total, over three days.

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