Top 20 Cities with Billions at Risk from Climate Change

By Eric Roston - 2012-07-06T03:32:54Z

Photograph by Olivo Barbieri/Yancey Richardson Gallery

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#5 Shanghai, China

<strong>2005 assets at risk:</strong> $72.9 billion
<strong>2070 est. assets at risk:</strong> $1.8 trillion
<strong>2005 population at risk:</strong> 2.4 million
<strong>2070 est. population at risk: </strong>5.5 million

Shanghai experienced double-digit annual GDP growth from 1992 until the global recession began in 2008. Its position as a financial capital allowed the Yangtze River Delta city to establish flood protections similar to London's -- safeguards not typically seen in developing regions, the OECD said.

Shanghai has a rainy season in the early summer that raises water levels in the middle and lower reaches of the Changjiang River. The city suffered a heavy storm in August 1997 that caused more than 600 million yuan ($94 million) in economic losses and flooded more than 170 roads. Eight heavy storms two years later led Shanghai to build out drainage systems, raise storm drainage capacity to 56 millimeters in central business areas and clean out drainage pipes twice a year.

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