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Photograph by FBI via Bloomberg

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An Eyewitness for the Prosecution

More than two minutes before a bomb ripped through Jeff Bauman’s legs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in April, the 27-year-old looked a man in the eyes and saw him leave a backpack at his feet. At a time when the world was clamoring to know the identity of the Boston bombers, Bloomberg’s Asjylyn Loder and Esmé E. Deprez were first to recount the tale of an important eyewitnesses to the bombing. Bauman began to give his account to law enforcement after surgery on his legs. He requested a pen, some paper and wrote: “bag, saw the guy, looked right at me.”

The tip that Bauman was helping law enforcement took a circuitous route through Loder’s family. “Bauman had told his brother who told my second cousin who told her mom who told her mother who told my mother and my mother told me,” Loder says. The story, which was followed by an extensive recounting of the bombing and manhunt, became the most read story on Bloomberg.com in 2013.