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By The Editors - 2013-12-24T19:48:39Z

Photograph by Kuni Takahashi/Getty Images

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India's Poor Girls, Twice Cursed 

Reporters Andrew MacAskill and Bibhudatta Pradhan went places few reporters have tread to expose the plight of India’s impoverished women. They wound up locked in a squalid sex room under the interrogation of a brothel’s pimp to tell the story about girls who are raised to be sold into prostitution. 

For another report, MacAskill stood over a doctor’s shoulder to witness the relentless cut of a rusty scalpel on women paid $10 by the government to get sterilized. Then there was the story of Rupsona, a 14-year-old abducted at dusk and sold into “marriage” -- a tragedy too often repeated in a country where girls are frequently aborted and young women are turned into tradable goods for the wealthy.