Bam! Science Inspired by Superheroes

By Eric Roston - 2013-12-17T14:48:54Z

Photograph by 20th Century Fox Film Corp./Everett Collection

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Emma Frost's Diamond Form

The ability to turn oneself into a diamond, a specialty of Emma Frost, on its face would seem to carry more limitations than powers (“Form of… earrings!”). In the Marvel world, Frost’s transformations into diamond, make her invisible and invincible. 

Invincibility is easier to find in rocks than in living things. In 2010, French scientists were analyzing a meteorite that hit Finland in 1971. Polishing the rock down with a diamond paste, they discovered some of it wouldn’t grind away. It was a previously unseen form of carbon even harder than diamond, probably formed by the heat and pressure of entering the Earth’s atmosphere and then hitting the ground. Now if only they can get it to fight evil...

Left: X-Men: First Class, 2011.