Innovation Myths and the Unsexy Truths About Breakthroughs

By Mark Milian - 2014-04-01T16:15:07Z

Photograph by Tobias Hase/picture-alliance/dpa via AP Images

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Innovation Can Be Taught

Noam Bardin doesn't bother trying to teach his employees to be innovative. The co-founder and CEO of Waze, the Israeli company that Google bought for about $1 billion, tries to assemble a team of out-of-box thinkers to help develop his crowdsourced mapping app.

Some companies, including Apple, McDonald's and Pixar, try to foster innovation throughout the organization by creating corporate universities. But Bardin says that the "biggest myth is that you can 'train' a part of your organization to be innovative."

"Innovation is a corporate culture, a DNA and not a skill," Bardin says. "It requires everyone in the company to be open to being challenged, to change, to re-thinking ideas, to failing, to learning, to iterating."

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