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By Tom Randall - 2013-12-16T19:41:38Z

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Mug From Heath Ceramics 

Favorited by Rama Chorpash 
Director of Product Design at Parsons 

Sure, $35 is a little pricey for a coffee cup, but the mugs made by Heath Ceramics “will likely be heirlooms -- whether the next generation has china cabinets or not,” Chorpash says.  

Heath Ceramics is one of America’s last remaining mid-century potteries. The company’s tableware and tiles are made in small runs on site at the Sausalito, California, factory. Some of the designs have been in production for 60 years.

“They source their clay and employees locally, and sell through their own stores adjacent to their production,” Chorpash says. He calls the company an example of “manufacturing-in-place,” which reduces wasteful shipping and focuses on local needs and resources.