Yes, He Will: The 57th Presidential Inauguration

By Emma Fidel - 2013-01-19T16:10:46Z

Photograph by Lauren Victoria Burke/AP Photo

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The Inaugural Balls

After spending seven hours at 2009's 10 official balls, the Obamas have a less daunting schedule this year. There will be only two official celebrations, the fewest since Dwight Eisenhower's 1953 swearing-in. Some 35,000 people will attend. Tickets are $60 for the official Inaugural Ball, which will use all five of the Washington Convention Center's exhibit halls. Tickets to the 4,000-person military ball are free for invited guests. There are also more than 60 unofficial balls, with most tickets ranging from $50 to more than $1,000. The Native Nations Inaugural Ball is one of the pricier parties, at $1,000 a ticket, but is eclipsed by the Green Inaugural Ball's $1,950 ticket price and the Creative Coalition Inaugural Ball's $5,000 ticket price (though for this one, you're required to buy two tickets for a total of $10,000).