Digital Heckling: Vox Populi

By Suzanne Woolley, with Lauren Vicary - 2012-10-23T13:52:01Z

Photographer by Scott Eells/Bloomberg

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The Smile That Ate New York

Just minutes after Joe Biden flashed his kleig-light-white teeth during Rep. Ryan's remarks in the vice presidential debate, his smile launched a volley of taunts. Parody twitter accounts including @GrinningBiden ("My mouth says gaffe. But, my grin says win!"), @LaughingBiden and @BidenSmirk were created. Animated GIFs of Biden grinning and throwing up his hands hit the Internet, as well as the usual photos with snarky sayings. #ThingsThatMakeJoeBidenLaugh also showed up as a hashtag -- a sample tweet: "#ThingsThatMakeJoeBidenLaugh...23 million out of work."