From Watergate to Weinergate: 40 Years of Infamous 'Gates'

By Lauren Vicary and Kirsten Salyer - 2012-06-14T20:34:33Z

Photograph by Mario Tama/Getty Images

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Be careful what you tweet. This warning especially applies if you're tempted to send out sexually suggestive pictures of yourself to women half your age. And you're married. And you're a U.S. congressman. Representative Anthony Weiner of New York was caught with his pants down -- or rather, off -- in May 2011. Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart posted a story about a tweet of Weiner in his underwear which Breitbart said the lawmaker sent to a 21-year-old college student. After claiming for several days that his phone had been hacked and that he couldn't confirm the photo was of him, Weiner admitted to both the tweet and picture. The Democrat apologized and announced his resignation from Congress that June.