What's on Your Face? Ten Most Toxic Cosmetics

By Courtney Dentch - 2011-12-02T19:43:15Z

Photoillustration by Evan Sung/Bloomberg; art direction by Brent Murray

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Hormone-like Eyeliner

Tropez Smoky Eyes Eye Liner

Anti-caking agent aluminum starch octenylsuccinate has been approved by the FDA for limited use as a food additive, but it has also been linked to neurotoxicity, and developmental and reproductive harm. It's also made with retinyl palmitate and parabens.

The Tropez line was discontinued in 2010 because "it just wasn't selling all that well," said Michael Miller, regulatory affairs manager for manufacturer Markwins International. The company, which also makes drugstore brand Wet N Wild, is looking for alternatives to the parabens found in some products as a result of consumer concerns. "In terms of its effectiveness and safety, it has been proven the most effective way to fight bacteria and that's certainly something we're concerned with."