The Top 10 White-Hat Hacks

By Jordan Robertson - 2014-07-23T01:49:30Z

Photograph by Steven Senne/AP Photo

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Remote Control Cars

A spate of research has shown how today's high-tech automobiles have become rolling hacking targets.

Students in China demonstrated this month how they could exploit an unspecified vulnerability in a Tesla electric car to make its doors pop open while the car was moving. Last year, researchers were able to remotely slam on the breaks of a Toyota Prius while it was moving at high speed. And in 2011, white hats showed how they could force some cars to unlock their doors and start their engines by sending specially crafted messages to their alarm systems.

The projects have spurred auto makers to invest more in cyber-security and hire researchers to vet their products. The findings all convey the same message: Cars, like everything else going digital, are susceptible to dangers posed by hackers.  

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