Patents for Staying Alive 

By Marcus Chan - 2013-10-04T02:04:03Z

Courtesy Samantha DiPerna, Tucson, Ariz. (US); and Jacqueline DiPerna, Tucson, Ariz. (US)

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iCan Fight Back

It's another sign of the scary times: Protective cases now on the market can turn your mobile phone into a stun gun or pepper spray dispenser. 

Why stop there? This patent tries to stuff even more self-defense features into your phone, including the ability to spray a stench, foaming agent or dye for identifying an attacker. It also incorporates a panic button that utilizes the phone's camera to capture images and audio of the assailant, and then automatically sends those files to law enforcement along with location information and a time stamp.

The patent for "emergency personal protection system integrated with mobile devices" was granted to Samantha DiPerna and Jacqueline DiPerna of Tucson, Arizona.