A Patent for What?

By Marcus Chan - 2012-08-27T21:24:43Z

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For Your Eyes Only

Imagine yourself donning computerized eyewear, such as what's being developed for Google's Project Glass. Since the lenses would double as a digital display, how might you unlock the screen, similar to how a finger swipe unlocks your smartphone? Google has patented a way to track your eye movements and use that information to unlock the display. For example, a moving object such as a bird might be shown on the device's display. If the system detects that your eyes are following the object's path, the eyewear's computer system would be activated. Think of it as an "eye swipe." The inventors are Hayes Solos Raffle of Palo Alto, California; Adrian Wong of Mountain View, California; and Ryan Geiss of San Jose, California. The patent's assignee is Google.