From Watergate to Weinergate: 40 Years of Infamous 'Gates'

By Lauren Vicary and Kirsten Salyer - 2012-06-14T20:34:33Z

Photograph by Rungrol Yongrit/EPA

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The release of the Apple Inc. iPhone 4 in June 2010, which spurred record sales for Apple, generated outrage from users whose phones' antennas caused them to drop calls when the devices were gripped a certain way. The quick fix was to put a bumper case on the phone -- or to follow Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs's e-mail suggestion: "Just avoid holding it in that way." Tech reporters dubbed the resulting uproar "Antennagate." Word came out in July that Apple's senior antenna expert had warned Jobs early on that the antenna design could lead to dropped calls. A class-action lawsuit against Apple was settled in February 2012, granting U.S. residents who bought the phone $15 or a free bumper case.