Where Clean Energy Dollars Went in 2013

By Eric Roston - 2014-04-07T18:19:47Z

Photograph by Mike Wilkinson/Bloomberg

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10. Marine Power

Harnessing wave and tidal energy could — theoretically — meet up to 19 percent of U.S. electricity demand, according to the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center. In the meantime, the nascent industry could use some help. It attracted just $333 million last year.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) introduced a bill in August that would ease regulations and reauthorize research into what he has called the "forgotten" renewable technology. 

Left: A section of the Pelamis P2 Wave Energy Convertor, manufactured by Pelamis Wave Power Ltd., is lowered into the water at Leith docks in Edinburgh, Scotland, in June 2011.

Watch for updates from the BNEF Future of Energy Summit.