The Best of Olympic Architecture

By Josephine Minutillo - 2014-03-21T16:34:04Z

Photograph by Charistoone-images/Alamy

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Montjuic Communications Tower, Barcelona


Few cities have taken as full advantage of their moment in the Olympic spotlight as Barcelona did in 1992. The Catalan capital reinvented itself for the occasion, overhauling its infrastructure and adding a spectacular array of new architecture along the waterfront and on Montjuïc, the imposing hill overlooking the harbor that hosted the major sports venues for the Games. Stars such as Frank Gehry, Norman Foster, and Arata Isozaki were brought in, while the work of then-little-known local architects like Enric Miralles was introduced on the world stage. Santiago Calatrava designed the 446-foot-high steel Communications Tower to resemble an athlete carrying the Olympic torch.