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By Tom Randall - 2013-12-16T19:41:38Z

Courtesy GORUCK

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Goruck GR1 Backpack

Favorited by: Jon Wiley
Lead designer for Google Search 

“The GR1 is the best backpack I have ever owned,” says Jon Wiley, lead designer for Google Search. Wiley specializes in subtle changes that have profound impacts. If anything, has fewer visible features today than it did in 1998, even though the underlying power of search has grown immeasurably. 

The $295 GR1 pack is similarly minimal. It was designed and tested by members of the U.S. Special Forces, and made in America to last. “These are people for whom the quality of their gear can mean life or death,” Wiley says. “I have a lot of respect for those who serve, and I feel lucky I can benefit from their expertise.” 

The GR1 even has a pocket to fit one of Wiley’s other favorite things: the Chromebook Pixel