Sit. Stay. Tweet. 7 Ways to Hook Your Dog Up to the Web

By Mark Milian - 2013-12-03T18:21:18Z

Courtesy Whistle Labs

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Fitbit for Dogs

Exercise devices from Fitbit, Nike and Jawbone have become a popular way for health-conscious people to monitor their daily physical activity.  Now a new class of gadgets is designed to track games of fetch and other canine activities.

Whistle Labs makes a sleek, round device that can attach to a collar to track activity and sleep patterns. The data are transmitted wirelessly, and pet owners can view charts and other information on the Web or via a smartphone app. The company is taking pre-orders for the Whistle Activity Monitor, which costs $100. 

A similar pooch product called FitBark was crowd-funded using Kickstarter earlier this year. The colorful bone-shaped gizmo, which syncs with a smartphone, can be pre-ordered for $69. For an extra $30, you can also get the wireless base station, which doesn't require a smartphone to use. Fujitsu, the big Japanese electronics maker, started selling a dog pedometer called Wandant last year, but it's only available in Japan.

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