15 Internet Devices to Make Life Easier -- or Less Annoying

By Bloomberg News - 2013-12-03T18:21:04Z

Courtesy Automatic Labs, Inc.

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Automatic Link for Cars

Price: $100

San Francisco startup Automatic Labs promises to turn just about any car into a smart connected vehicle. The Automatic Link is a small device that plugs into a standard data port located in many (but not all) cars sold in the U.S. during the last couple of decades.

By syncing driving data to a phone via Bluetooth, the Automatic app can track where you drive and how you maneuver the roads. Simple adjustments, such as not accelerating too quickly, can help you save gas -- and money. The service can help diagnose engine trouble and turn off that pesky "check engine" light. It also claims to detect serious crashes, and offers to contact emergency responders and loved ones. For the absentminded, Automatic shows you on a map where your car is parked.

—With assistance from Marcus Chan, Mark Milian, Cliff Edwards and Olga Kharif

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