Top 35 Tech Gifts for 2013

By Rich Jaroslovsky and Cliff Edwards - 2013-11-18T19:11:41Z

Photograph by Craig Warga/Bloomberg

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IPad Air

Who makes it: Apple 

What it costs: $499-$929

Why we like it: Leave aside for the moment that it's thinner, narrower and 28 percent lighter than the model it replaced. Don't take into account the faster Wi-Fi, or that Apple is now including its productivity and creativity suites, iWork and iLife, for free. Shoot, don't even give Apple credit for lowballing its 10-hour battery-life estimate. Just enjoy it for the sheer power its new 64-bit A7 chip brings to "Infinity Blade III" and "Call of Duty: Strike Team." It's the ultimate in on-the-go gaming. (But all those other things don't hurt, either.)

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