10 Ways to Protect Your Government Fiefdom

By Flynn McRoberts - 2013-10-29T13:55:37Z

Photograph by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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2. Get Taxpayers to Build Your Walls

Location: Long Beach Island, New Jersey

No one needs 4 feet of storm-driven Atlantic Ocean in their living room, particularly if it's the sort of mess that repeats about every 25 years. So in 2005 Long Beach Island, an 18-mile strip six miles off New Jersey's coast, struck a 50-year, $189 million deal with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Come suck sand from the ocean floor, pipe it to our beaches and construct dunes to hold back tidal surges. When Hurricane Sandy struck last October, the island's six mayors renewed pressure on oceanfront homeowners to give the Army Corps the right to build on their property.

Series: Small Government, Big Dollars