Winners of the Best Jobs in the Travel Business

By Marisa Lascala - 2013-10-25T16:29:53Z

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Andrew Smith

From: Orange County, California

Winner: Chief Funster for Australia Tourism, December 2013—June 2014

Job duties: "Traveling throughout Sydney and across the state, uncovering the vast range of festivals, events, and experiences the destination has to offer."

How did you hear about the contest? "I saw an advert for the 'Best Job in the World’ on Facebook. At the time, I was working for an international travel show and thought I already had a cool job. When I saw the lure of experiencing things like New Year's Eve at the Sydney Opera House, all on a salary of $100K, I had to at least try my hand. "

What was the hardest part about the competition?"The hardest part came after making the first cut. More than 124,000 applicants were whittled down to just 25. During the two weeks when we were required to create as much 'buzz' as possible about our campaign for the job, I was working in Austin, Buenos Aires, Nairobi, and Beirut. Not having direct access to my friends and family left me with only social media, and I had to really work hard to compete. "

What do you think of Sydney? "After traveling to 13 countries across six continents just prior, Sydney still blew my mind. There is so much to do and so much unexplored that I'm going to have to work fast to cover it all in just six months. "

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