Vietnam: The Real War

By Jane Hwang - 2013-10-08T14:55:40Z

Photograph by AP Image Archives

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The book features the work of more than 50 photojournalists, including Eddie Adams, Horst Faas, Henri Huet, Nick Ut and Dang Van Phuoc, and highlights the work of such distinguished war correspondents as Peter Arnett, Malcolm Browne and Seymour Topping.

Far left, U.S. advisers use a poncho tied to a pole to carry a wounded South Vietnamese soldier to an American helicopter for evacuation to Saigon, in September 1965. 

Left, activists calling for an end to U.S. involvement in Vietnam demonstrate in Berkeley, California, in December 1965. The city and its University of California campus were the scene of frequent early protests against the war.