12 Things Elon Musk Wants to Build

By Mark Milian - 2013-08-13T21:19:54Z

Courtesy Elon Musk/Tesla

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The Hyperloop

How would you like to ride in a 28-passenger pod that zips through a steel tube at 760 miles per hour? The Hyperloop, which Musk describes as the "fifth mode of transportation," would be capable of taking passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in about 35 minutes for $20 a ticket, according to his plans.

"It will actually be a lot like being in an airplane," Musk said on a conference call with reporters. "There will be an initial acceleration, and once you're traveling at speed, you wouldn't notice the speed at all. So it will be really smooth, like you were riding on a cushion of air."

The solar-powered Hyperloop would cost about $6 billion to develop, and Musk said he's willing to plow some of his own money into the venture. Contrary to earlier statements, Musk said he'd probably build an operating prototype himself, though not immediately.

 "I would like to see it come to fruition," he said.