Leaked! Proceedings of the Flat Earth Society

By Tom Randall - 2013-07-03T17:12:34Z

Photograph by Hsihsiang Liu

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Vaccines Are Dangerous

Getting a newborn child vaccinated can be difficult for parents. Internet forums suggesting the shots are linked to everything from autism to asthma make it even harder. 

Public trust in vaccines was shaken by the work of Andrew Wakefield, a British former surgeon and medical researcher whose now-discredited 1998 paper fueled the anti-vaccine movement. The Lancet later retracted Wakefield's findings after a government probe found some of the work had been falsified. 

The U.S. Institute of Medicine issued a report this year finding the current schedule of childhood immunizations safe. The IOM and other scientists continue to run such reports because, despite all the evidence to the contrary, the Flat Earth Society still insists that having too many immunizations is harmful. 

In reality, the number of antigens from immunizations pales in comparison to the millions of microbes your kids are exposed to every day by breathing, which can be a very dangerous activity. Especially if they haven’t been vaccinated. 

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