Five Racetracks to Drive Now

By Jason H. Harper - 2013-07-03T15:34:33Z

Photograph by  Wolfgang Groeger-Meier/Ascari Race Resort

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Ascari Club | Ronda, Spain

Overview: An hour northwest of Marbella, Ascari gives Europe’s elite a place to play when northern racetracks are frosted over.

Course: With 13 right turns and 13 lefts, the place looks like a plate of tangled spaghetti; one high-banked, high-speed curve induces so much G-force it feels like God’s thumb is smashing you to the earth.

Difficulty: 8.8/10

Vehicle of choice: Radical Sportscars Ltd.’s open-wheeled SR3 changes direction as quickly as the wind and clings fast to off-camber corners.

The catch: Marbella, once sleepy and beautiful, is now home to cheap condos and sunburned pensioners.