Christie’s Pop Culture Auction

By Scott Reyburn - 2012-11-27T19:08:23Z

Photographs by Christie's Images Ltd via Bloomberg and Paramount/Everett Collection

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Indiana Jones's Whip

Christie's has given a similar valuation to a hand-made 12-plait kangaroo-hide bullwhip made for one of the Indiana Jones movies. It was one of more than 30 props produced by whipmaker David Morgan and featured in the "Temple of Doom" film in 1984. The whip was first donated by Steven Spielberg to a Unicef charity auction in 2001, when it was sold for over $100,000.

Left, a hand-made twelve-plait 450 series 6 ft. bullwhip of kangaroo hide, created by whipmaker David Morgan and used by Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.

Estimate: $16,000 - $24,000