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The basis for the calculation of a monthly unemployment rate is the Community Labour Force Survey, where the main statistical objective is to describe the population in three exhaustive and mutually exclusive groups (employed, unemployed and inactive). The unemployment rate is the number of people unemployed as a percentage of the labour force. The labour force is the total number of people employed and unemployed. Unemployed persons comprise persons aged 15 to 74 who were without work during the reference week, i.e. neither had a job nor were at work (for one hour or more) in paid employment or self-employment, currently available for work, i.e. were available for paid employment or self-employment before the end of the two weeks following the reference week, actively seeking work, i.e. had taken specific steps in the four weeks period ending with the reference week to seek paid employment or self-employment or who found a job to start later, i.e. within a period of at most three months.