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Sweden CPI 1980=100

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Swedish Consumer Price Index Prices are collected by Statistics Sweden's enumerators through visits to stores and by telephone or centrally from Statistics Sweden. Price information is collected for the 15th of the month, or during the week that the 15th falls. The sample of representative products and their weights are revised at the beginning of each year. Changes in the composition of consumption are gradually reflected in the CPI through this process. Information from the national accounts about the composition of private consumption (information for three quarters plus the forecast for the fourth quarter) is used as the basis for revising the weights. The CPI is computed as a chain index with annual links. Each annual link measures how much the average price level in the year concerned has changed from the average price level of the preceding year with weights based on the geometric mean of the consumption volumes of the two years concerned. Price changes that could not be included in the calculations during the year are also included in this link. In addition, certain methodological changes and adjustments caused by better statistical information can be taken into account in this link.This index carries the official Swedish CPI data, never revised.