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Spain CPI Core YoY 2011=100

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INE rebased their national consumer price index in January 2012 to 2011=100. For the previous series, 2001=100, please refer to ALLX SPPC <GO>. The new series considers 177 municipalities compared to 141 for the previous series, sees a rise in the number of prices considered of 12% to around 220,000 and in the number of articles from 484 to 491. The basket now includes articles relating to dietary products and the series also takes into account health-related services such as homeopathy & physiotherapy, as well as plastic surgery. The 2006 series in calculated in the same manner as the 2001 series, chain-linked Laspeyres with an annual revision of weights. In this way, the CPI series adapts to market changes and to changing consumer habits over short time spans. The new weightings for the 12 COICOP groups within the main index (tickers SPIPC, SPIPCMOM and SPIPCYOY) are as follows: Food and Non Alcoholic Drinks (22.06), Alcoholic Drinks and Tobacco (2.82%), Clothing and Footwear (9.03%), Housing (10.36%), Household Goods (6.15%), Medicine (2.83%), Transport (14.83%), Communications (3.58%), Culture and Leisure (7.11%), Education (1.60%), Hotels Cafes and Restaurants (11.55%) and Other Goods and Services (7.72%). The Core Index excludes energy and fresh food prices. For further Spain Economic Statistics, please refer to ECST SP <GO>. For Economic Releases, please see ECO SP <GO>. Note that the series starts in 2002, but the source provides retrospective calculations to 1961.