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South Africa Manufacturing Production SA MoM 2010=100

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52Wk Range
-6.0 - 5.1
52Wk Range
-6.00 - 5.10
Source: Central Statistical Service 2005=100 For further economic statistics type: ECST <GO> IECO <GO>. Pre Jan 2003 2000=100. The base year is the reference point of an index and is usually set at 100. The new index of manufacturing production is now referenced to 2005=100 from 2000=100. The rebasing exercise allows for the manufacturing indices to be referenced to more current prices. To convert the base year from reference year 2000 to 2005, each index was transformed to the new base period by dividing each monthly index (base 2000=100) from January 1998 by the annual average index for the year 2005 and multiplying the result by 100. The rebasing of indices was doneon all major groups of manufacturing and aggregated to the manufacturing divisions. As expected, the results ofthe rebasing exercise alone did not have any significant effect on the manufacturing trends