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Russia International Reserves Assets

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The international reserve assets are highly liquid financial assets held by the Bank of Russia and the General Government of the Russian Federation as of the reporting date. The international reserve assets are made up of foreign currency reserves, monetary gold, special drawing rights (SDRs), reserve position at the IMF, and other reserve assets. The foreign currency reserves includes the Bank of Russia's and the General Government's foreign exchange assets in the form of cash foreign exchange, bank deposits with nonresident banks (which minimally have A rating by Fitch IBCA and by Standard and Poor's, or A2 rating by Moody's) as well as government and other securities issued by nonresidents with a similar rating. The other reserve assets includes reverse repos with nonresidents. As from September 1, 1999, an amount equivalent to the foreign exchange balances on resident banks' correspondent accounts with the Bank of Russia is deducted from the international reserve assets, except for the funds transferred to the Vnesheconombank for the servicing of the government foreign debt. As of July 1 2008 Central Bank of Russia reports the amount of reserves based on market value of the securities it keeps rather than on historical value. The Central Bank of Russia restated the size of the reserves since the beginning of 2008 in accordance with the new standards. To view the historical data for this index prior to the revision in methodology please have a look at {RUFGGFMH Index DES<GO>}.This index methodology has been further revised on 11/06/08. This index displays the revised data as of 12/31/07. To view the historical values prior to 11/06/08 methodology revisions, please refer to {RUFGGFH1 Index <GO>}, and {RUFG Index <GO>} for the month on month index.