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Russia Core CPI MoM

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52Wk Range
0.4 - 3.5
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0.40 - 3.50
The underlying basket of goods and services for the CPI index for Russia is constructed using the structure for general spending on basic needs, which is based on the estimated basic needs budget of the population from the previous year. The collection of price data takes place in 2 to 4 cities that are representative of the whole region. 266 boroughs are surveyed periodically. The monthly data is collected between the 23rd and the 25th days of every month. Core Inflation is a measure of inflation which is calculated after excluding seasonally volatile items such as energy and food from the main CPI index. Month on month percentage change. Items not included in the calculation of core CPI: gasoline, vodka, seasonal fruits and vegetables, airplane and train tickets for long distance routes, telecommunication servides, and communal services.