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The 'Weighted Median' and 'Trimmed Mean' are calculated by the RBA using data from ABS Category Number 6401.0. Both measures exclude interest charges prior to the September quarter 1998 and are adjusted for the tax changes of 1999-2000. For calculating the 'Weighted Median' and the 'Trimmed Mean', where the CPI components are identified as having a seasonal pattern, quarterly price changes are estimated on a seasonally adjusted basis. These series are calculated using the previous quarter's effective expenditure weights. Please note that with effect from the June quarter 2007 issue, ABS is responsible for calculating the measures and will answer queries on the compilation and publication of the measures. RBA will maintain responsibility for the design of the measures and will answer queries on their design and use. The NSA series has hence been discontinued. For all indices, please run {ALLX RBCP<GO>}. The 'Trimmed Mean' is calculated as the weighted mean of the central 70 per cent of the quarterly price change distribution of all CPI components, with the annual rates based on compounded quarterly calculations.