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Portugal HICP YoY Base year 2005

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52Wk Range
-0.4 - 1.0
52Wk Range
-0.40 - 1.00
All of the tickers in this sector have a base year of 1997=100 except for the Harmonised index which has a base year of 2005=100. Non harmonised tickers with base year 1997 = 100 have been discontinued. For the new revised Consumer Prices data series with a base year of 2002 = 100 please type {ALLX PLCP <GO>}. The total index is calculated using the prices of 700 products, divided into 12 main COICOP categories (Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose). The twelve categories and their approximate weightings within the main index are: Food and Non Alcoholic Drinks (23%), Alcoholic Drinks and Tobacco (3%), Clothing and Footwear (7.25%), Housing and Utilities (10%), Household Goods (8%), Healthcare and Medicine (6%), Transport (21.25%), Communications (2.5%), Leisure (4.25%), Education (1.5%), Hotels, Cafes and Restaurants (9.25%) and Other Goods and Services (4%). The Harmonised Index excludes a few items, mainly from the Education and Health sectors, and accounts for about 92% of the main index. Data is collected during the last week of the reference month.