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Peru Central Bank GDP YoY NSA

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0.24 - 4.25
Peruvian Non-Seasonalized GDP. Index designed to show the evolution of the economic activity in the short term via the estimation of the behaviour of the Global and Sectorial GDP. It has a year base 1994=100. Non-cumulative indices presented on monthly basis. The global GDP is composed by the weighed sectorial GDPs as follows: * Agricultural/cattling <PRGDAGRI index> 7.60%: Built by the monthly tracking of 93 products, where 53 are considered of national importance and 40 are minor cultives. For cattling 12 products are regarded to have national importance. * Fishing <PRGDFISH index> 0.72%: sea fishing destinated to be frozen, canned, fresh and prepared, and inner fishing. * Mining <PRGDMINE index> 4.67%: copper, plumb, silver, zinc, iron, gold and oil* Manufacturing <PRGDMFG index> 15.98%: 432 establishments up from 5 employees. * Electricity and water <PRGDWE index> 1.90%. * Construction <PRGDCONS index> 5.58%. 1.90%. * Commerce <PRGDCOMM index> 14.57%.8%. 1.90%. * Other services <PRGDOTHR index> 39.25%: including governmental services. * Diverse taxes on products and import fees (without ticker) 9.74%. *** Information on calculation obtained from the INEI ***