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Lima CPI MoM

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-0.15 - 0.76
Consumer Price Index for the Metropolitan Area of Lima. Built based on surveys conducted among establishment that sell a basic basket of products and services regarded as representatives of the national consumption. These products and services are divided into 8 groups and its weighting is as follows: food and beverage (37.818%), clothing and shoes (5.38%), housing, fuel and electric energy consumption (9.286%), household products (5.753%), health services (3.69%), transports and communications (16.455%), teaching and culture (14.93%) and others (6.688%).The history has a base year December 2009=100. Historical prices before December 2001 have base year 2001=100. Survey designed and conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Information Science whose results are published by the same office as well as by the Central Bank of Peru. Base calculations and weightings revised 2010. ** Monthly, cumulative indices subject to a one-month lag.