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Panama GDP Total YoY NSA

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Panamanian GDP in million PAB at real prices (1996=100). Information is obtained via constant surveys based on the Consumption and Utilisation Table (Cuadro de Oferta y Utilizacion) that considers the most representative products for the base 1996=100. Total GDP <PNGDTOTL index> is conformed by the summation of the following concepts: Agriculture, cattling an silviculture <PNGDAGR Index>, fishing <PNGDFISH Index>, exploitation of mines and quarries <PNGDMINE Index>, manufacturing industries <PNGDMANF Index>, electricity, gas and water services <PNGDELGW Index>, construction activities <PNGDCONS Index>, wholesale, retail sales, repairings of automotive vehicles, personal effects and household items <PNGDCOM Index>, hotels and restaurants <PNGDHTLR Index>, transports, storage and communications <PNGDTSCM Index>, financial intermediation <PNGDFINT Index>, real estate-related activities (commercial construction and rent) <PNGDRSTA Index>, private education <PNGDPEDU Index>, social services and private health activities <PNGDSOHL Index>, other communitary, social and personal services activities <PNGDOTHR Index>, private domestic services <PNGDDOMS Index>, producers of governmental services <PNGDPRGS Index> and net taxes after subsidies <PNGDTAX> minus Indirectly Measured Financial Intermediate Services <PNGDIMFS Index>. * Quarterly, non-cumulative figures subject to a one-quarter lag. History is stored independently for quarterly and yearly frequencies. HP values for these frequencies may not match each other. Note that when only one frequency is stored in history, for the other frequencies, history is derived from that of the stored frequency. For example, HP W, HP M, HP Q and HP Y will derive data from HP D when only daily history is stored, HP Q and HP Y will derive data from HP M when only monthly history is stored. As another example, if both daily and monthly are stored, HP W will derive data from HP D, while HP Q and HP Y will derive data from HP M and so on.